InflightOption – DB2 Copies 24×7

Consistent copying without impacting Db2 availability
When data must come from tables that require 24×7 enterprise availability there is an issue for IT. Users need  to query and update the tables without interruption.  Stopping the source objects is not a viable option.

Without stopping the source objects, it can  be very difficult to copy tables while preserving consistency between tables and  indexes and between different tables. BCV5 minimizes the copy time, but it cannot avoid the impact of changes made to objects while they are being  copied. The good news is that Db2 stores information about all these table changes in its log. Our latest development InflightOption is an automated solution that uses the information in the log to bring the copied tablespace to a consistent state.

InflightOption enhances BCV5’s rich feature set with the ability to make consistent copies of objects without stopping them or putting them in read-only state. Using information from the source Db2 subsystem log, all changes made to the source  tablespace during the copy process are rolled back in the target environment. When the copying finishes, the target tablespace is identical to the source tablespace found at the beginning of the copy process. The quiesce point is a preferred consistency marker in common use.

InflightOption gives the option to create a quiesce point to  anchor the target for the log application process. Even if  Db2 cannot be quiesced for the objects to be copied, InflightOption is able to create consistent copies. Any pending  transactions at the end of the copy process are backed  out from the target objects.

Whether copying with or without a quiesce point, bringing tabespaces to a consistent state is only half the battle. The indexes are just as important. They are absolutely necessary for performance reasons, and cannot be out of sync with the underlying tables. InflightOption processes both the indexspaces and tablespaces synchronizing them to the same point in time. This eliminates the need to rebuild the target indexes which can be a lengthy and expensive process. InflightOption also takes care of any LOBs that may
be present.

The InflightOption process is completely automated and transparent. Switch on a task option, and InflightOption builds the  required tasks into a coherent job stream. The log from  the source Db2 is examined, and the information is applied to the target objects. When the copy is finished, it has a consistent set of target objects that are ready for use.

InflightOption uses the same proprietary copy technology as BCV5. The high-speed parallel copy utility provides all of the through put benefits that BCV5 customers have been raving about. Without compromises in 24×7 needs, speed, ease  of use, staffing or cost, InflightOption offers an unbeatable value proposition. No other product can challenge InflightOption’s performance and functionality. [/slider]