Source code management facilities like CVS, SVN and GIT belong to the most important tools of software developers. They improve the overview and the coordination of projects within a development team and allow an efficient working process. Source code versioning has become indispensable for the development of software. Besides the management of source codes, testing of applications is another vital component for IT departments. Modern application systems mostly store their data in relational DBMS like Db2, Oracle, MSSQL etc. After the test execution data is stored and retrieved again. The achieved test results are compared with a predefined target state in order to evaluate the performance. The data stored in the DBMS must fit to different releases and developers and to the versions of the source code system. Which benefits can be accomplished with a test data versioining facility?

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Test Data Versioning
Test data is closely afilitated with the applications and the corresponding test cases and should be managed accurately. Every new release requires a set of its own, specifc test cases. Furthermore it must be assured that the application is tested with appropriate test cases and test data. XDM-IB allows the conservation of test data, matching with the corresponding application releases. The testing of different application releases is simplified. Production environments will benefit from the quality of the newly integrated applications. Also the testing of older releases with the corresponding data is possible.

Conservation of Synthetic and Manually Designed Test Cases
For system- and acceptance tests permanent updates of the data inventory with fresh data from productive systems are required. Laboriously generated test data, covering also exceptional cases, or synthetic test data, would be overwritten and lost whenever the test environment gets updated. With XDM-IB test cases can be archived and restored at the push of a button. A permanent refresh of your test beds with productive data is easily achievable. Optionally, archived test data can be used for the design of new test environments.


Reproducibility of Tests
Unit-, integration or acceptance tests modify the original test data inventory. But modified data can no longer be used for regression tests. As a result the validity of the tests is questionable, no defined original data was available for testing.

With XDM-IB database administrators, developers and test specialists have the opportunity to freeze the original test data inventory. It can be activated again for a series of regression tests as a consistent and original source. Only this procedure permits valid, repeatable and comparable testing.

XDM-IB simplifies test cycles and supports development, test and acceptance process. Test data can be archived and versioned and is available on demand. With XDM-IB the execution of regression tests is simplified and automated. The technical and financial effort to manage and procure valid test data is dramatically reduced. Shorter release cycles and limited budgets require a flexible and efficient test data management. With XDM-IB development teams working in parallel receive the needed test data in required different versions immediately.