Problem Management

Errors, problems, bottlenecks are inevitable in ever-changing, complex environments, budgets are always tight, data centers are short-staffed and service level agreements are ambitious. The only way out is automation. Good is good, but better carries the day.

Automatic problem detection and problem treatment is long overdue. Many if not most problems make themselves known early enough, it is all about recognizing the first indicators. A tool is able to do that, emotionless, tenacious, ongoing. Many problems occur repeatedly. What did we do with this last month? The database of an appropriate problem management tool provides information.

Automatic problem detection is one thing, automatic reaction is even better. The tool that detected and measured an unacceptable situation has all the necessary parameters available to generate a predefined job to remedy the situation.

A problem management tool should monitor each Db2 subsystem on every LPAR, but keep all the information gathered in one database. The problem management tool? XM4DB2™.