Copy Business Objects

Reducing and Tailoring Data Stores
The challenge when single „business units“ need test cases is to identify all relations between the entities. Only some relations are deposited directly in the DBMS. Furthermore, the selected objects together with all its related data has to be transferred into test systems.

This means that the definition (or description) of such a copy task for business objects must able to specify if a table has to be replaced, if rows have to be changed or added and how dependent tables have to be handled. Objects that do not exist in the target system must first be defined in order to be filled with data.
Of course the relationships between tables must be known, so that this procedure is applicable. These relations can be derived from the database system or have to be defined if relational integrity is defined in the application.

Given this ability, the dream of programmers and data providers, of test data provisioning at the push of a button can become reality.

The copying and provisioning of test data is dramatically simplified by the use of a tool. The one-time description of a data store belonging to an application enables the user to extract a variety of data. Individual environments of testers and developers can be provided with the data they need for their testing. Testers and developers can improve their efficiency, which leads to a better test coverage and shorter development cycles.