Reproducibility of tests

It is the nature of a test to change data during the test execution. A defined data set is used as a starting point, changed accordingly during the test and re-examined as to whether the desired outcome was achieved. To put it in a nutshell: it must be verified if the test was successful or failed.
Regression tests always require a defined initial basis, which has to be provided before each test execution. A fast and reliable method is necessary to deliver the required data upfront. Manual processes, space conditions, abends, lack of resources (staff or computer) make easy, reliable provisioning of test data environments a challenge. A solution to intelligently manage and automate the process is sorely needed.

The test data manangement tools such as the BCV5 and XDM suite provides you with the following advantages:

  • Re-establishment of all necessary data. Laborious processes for the identification of changed data after a test execution will be superfluous
  • A defined initial stock can be re-established at the push of a button for an additional test execution
  • Regression tests always run with the same input data. The results of the tests can be verified with the defined preconditions