ULT4DB2 Software Lottery

ULT4DB2’s reputation as an efficient tool is well earned:

  • it extracts information from the DB2 logs to identify who, what, when, where, and how data was changed. It is also able to show reads, a feature unique to ULT.
  • it provides a robust and affordable solution for data propagation (forwarding).
  • it searches for quiet times to execute utilities to simplify repair or recovery procedures.

The online interface automates the setup process for a group of tables or entire databases.
We invite you to attend our webinar on “Saving Time with DB2 Log Processing”.

Learn first hand how a time consuming and often boring task can be automated to yield quick, accurate and reliable results. DBAs no longer need to do the grunt work, and can use their time on other more interesting technical challenges.

A 30 minute investment of your time will provide a vision of how easy it can be to discover what went wrong, repair the problem and if necessary, propagate the corrected data. Register now to receive the access link to this valuable webinar.