• Powerful security options: 128-bit encryption and the tools to allow or prevent access to different parts of the system by user or group.
  • Comprehensive field checking: A full suite of field and form data validation checks.
  • Remote data entry: Entrypoint software can be installed on a LAN or WAN, and configured for remote data entry.
  • Batch compare utility: This tool compares two batches created from the same application and generates a report of the differences between the batches, detailing any discrepancies in data entry fields.
  • Data export: Entrypoint provides a variety of exporting options to make your data quickly available for statistical analysis. Formats include a customizable text-based output specification, Microsoft Excel (CSV), Access, and XML.
  • Application revision tool: Entrypoint lets you update batches to conform to a new version of the application.

Entrypoint Workstation

The Entrypoint Workstation module ensures data integrity through validation during the data entry process. Special features include immediate error detection and flagging, re-key verification, and data retrieval or validation from lookup tables during each phase of data entry.
Data entry operators can set up the workstation to accommodate their work styles—for example, to use an embedded keypad or configure a function key for manual duplication.
Import and export control files can be configured to determine what data is included and in what order, so data can be imported and exported easily to comma-separated files (CSV), SAS-readable files, and XML files (Xbatch schema).

Entrypoint Application Development

The Entrypoint Application Developer makes it easy for non-programmers to quickly create a wide variety of data entry applications with built-in validation, editing, and export options.
Many of the options for defining fields and selecting edit checks can be activated with point-and-click operations, including defining range checks, table lookup values, and check-digit validation criteria.
Developers can customize their development environments and create multiple applications and data entry formats simultaneously. In addition, you can create format specifications for such elements as image backgrounds, field labels, and fields, and save the specifications as templates.
As you develop your Entrypoint application, you can test it by simply clicking a button.

Application Examples

You can create a wide variety of business applications with Entrypoint. Here are just a few examples:

Billing/invoicing, Student registration, Litigation support,
Document tracking, Order entry, Accounting,
Tax return preparation, Inventory, Payroll,
Customer information, Employee benefits, Sales analysis

Entrypoint Programming Language

The Entrypoint Logic programming language is a powerful procedure language similar to VBScript or Pascal. Entrypoint ships with standard libraries of over 150 Logic functions.
Logic can add robust functionality and flexibility to your applications. You can create custom edit routines and automate external batch programs and procedures instead of using DLLs.
Logic functions can operate at several levels, performing complex calculations, and creating customized edit-checking procedures to prevent data entry errors.
The coding environment makes Logic easy to use: as you type the code in the code dialog box, it is color-coded, and there is context-sensitive help for all Logic functions.

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