Enterprise Password Reset & Synchronization

ReACT is a unique application designed to automate the password reset and synchronization process across the entire enterprise. Unlike other tools, ReACT eliminates the need to reset a password to a temporary value. ReACT allows the end user to reset their own password at any time without the need to change their password again at sign-on. ReACT virtually eliminates password reset related calls to the Help Desk.

React Grafik


ReACT helps close the security exposures opened by a forgotten password. It securely authenticates user requests for a password reset and then establishes a permanent, immediately usable password on all effected systems.

As a centralized, enterprise-wide password reset tool, ReACT provides support for virtually all operating systems and applications within the enterprise including AD, z/OS [RACF, ACF2 &Top Secret], Novell/eDirectory, UNIX/Linux [AIX, HP-UX, Datatel] iSeries/AS400, <br>JD-Edwards, Oracle/SQL, LDAP, Lawson, SAP, CAMS, WFM, Gmail, PeopleSoft, AdvantX, Office365, and more. ReACT easily incorporates custom and packaged applications, as well as unique operating systems through the ActiveX® scripting component.

ReACT provides security professionals, Help Desk teams and corporate Auditors with additional information security assurance by logging and reporting all activities related to a password reset. It captures user information when a reset is requested, logs all successful or failed authentication activities as well as any successful or failed password reset activities. Additionally, ReACT has the ability to provide automated alerts to responsible personnel for specific events, such as a consistent reset failure or perceived attempts at hacking.

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