In-Flight Copy – DB2 Copies 24×7

Consistent copies without impacting Db2 availability
Whenever data must come from tables that require 24×7 enterprise availability, it creates an issue for IT. Users need to query and update the tables without interruption – stopping the source objects is not an option.

Without stopping the source objects, it can be difficult to copy tables while preserving referential and transactional consistency. BCV5 minimizes the copy time, but it cannot avoid the impact of changes made to source objects while they are being copied. The good news is that Db2 stores information about all these table changes in its log. In-Flight Option is an automated solution that uses this information from the log to bring the copied objects to a consistent state.

The In-Flight Copy option enhances BCV5’s rich set of features with the ability to make consistent copies of objects without stopping them or putting them in read-only state. Using information from the source Db2 log, all changes made to the source tablespaces and indexes during the copy process are applied in the target environment. At the end of the copy, the target tablespaces do not contain any uncommitted changes.

The point of consistency that is used for all objects can be established by either running the QUIESCE utility, or by creating a check point in the source Db2. Creating a check point does not affect the availability of the source objects in any way. Any pending transactions at the point of consistency are backed out from the target objects.

Whether copying with or without a quiesce point, bringing tabespaces to a consistent state is only half the battle. The indexes are just as important. The In-Flight Copy option processes both the tablespaces and the indexes and rolls them forward to the exact same point in time. This eliminates the need to rebuild the target indexes, which can be a lengthy and expensive process. The In-Flight Copy component also handles any LOB and XML tablespaces that may be present.

In-Flight copy tasks are just as easy to use as regular copy tasks. You specify source and target, and which objects to copy, and the In-Flight Copy option automatically builds the entire job stream for you. During the copy process, the log from the source Db2 is examined, and the information is applied to the target objects. When the copy is finished, the target contains a consistent set of objects that are ready for use.

The In-Flight Copy option uses the same proprietary copy technology as BCV5. The high-speed parallel copy utility provides all of the benefits that BCV5 customers have come to expect. Without compromises in 24×7 needs, speed, ease of use, staffing or cost, the In-Flight Copy option offers an unbeatable value proposition. No other product can challenge the performance and functionality of BCV5 with the In-Flight Copy component.