Case Study

Country:        Belgium
Industry:        Banking / Insurance
Solution:        XDM

One of the major companies and the second largest bancassurer in Belgium and is a major financial player in Central and Eastern Europe, employing some 51,000 staff worldwide and serving 11 million customers.

The challenge that was facing the customer was to significantly improve their testing support for their numerous application testing teams working on various platforms including Db2 on z/OS or LUW, Oracle and MS SQL Server. Using Unload/Load test data was supplied from the acceptance environment to a large team of developers in a separate test environment. This process was done just twice a year and the consistency of the test data left a lot to be desired. The Banks many testing teams also had difficulties agreeing which test data should be provided. It was clear they needed a change of development philosophy. The project was born and the search began for a flexible automatic process to provide individual developers with exactly the test data they need on a daily basis.

The market leading vendors were handpicked and invited to take part in the initial 5 days
on-site POC. The customer had prepared a source environment (Db2 on z/OS) from a large extract of their test environment, in the region of 100 million rows. They required that a list of 59 tables should be copied in full, into a special environment. A consistent subset of the data of 38 tables was also to be extracted. Defining applicative RI between tables of different DB was very important. Finally, using another set of tables, XDM should prove its skills in anonymisation.

UBS Hainer’s solution XDM proved to be the only tool which successfully met the requirements of the POC. XDM’s central point of control, automation, repeatability and UBS Hainer’s superior support all made their decision to work hand in hand with UBS Hainer very easy. They now have complete control of their test data and software versions.

A dedicated team now provides test data to the RD&T environment according to the developer’s needs using XDM TC (Table Copying) and XDM RLP (Row Level Processing) for Db2 on z/OS, which is their most strategic database management system.

XDM TC and its Icebox function are used to reset the test environment on table level to the initial situation before starting the development cycle.

XDM RLP is used to supply specific contracts with all the related data to the test systems. The freeze and restore functionality of XDM RLP’s IceBox also allows to reset the test data and structure to its initial status. This enables to repeat tests under exactly the same conditions at the push of a button.

The positive working cooperation continues and discussions are ongoing regarding a smooth addition of further DBMSs e.g. Oracle and MS SQL Server, aided by XDM’s central point of control.

Stay tuned for further developments!