Snapshot Relational Data

Quickly reset test environments
In software development, tests must run repeatedly and under the same preconditions. If a test modifies data in a database, you need a fast and reliable way to reset tables to a previous state. XDM Icebox allows you to make a backup of your current data and structures once, and then restore it as often as needed with the push of a button.

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Provide access to historic data
XDM Icebox is not only useful for testing purposes. Auditors may need to access data from months ago, and if table structures have changed in the meantime, this task can be technically challenging and time consuming. In addition, data typically must be restored to a different database with different naming conventions. XDM‘s Icebox component reduces these challenges down to a simple task.

Restore Data to Where it’s Needed
IB enables the use of backups to provide the data and structures for other environments. Its restore function supports renaming the saved objects and allows you to create a completely different environment with the same data. IB fully automates the DDL generation, the creation of the target and the complete restore process. Simply specify the target name templates, activate the restore process and let IB do the work.

Restore Subsets of Data
XDM Icebox also allows you to backup and restore individual rows instead of entire tables. The restore process can merge those rows into a target environment that already contains data. This effectively allows you to archive individual test cases that consist of rows from multiple tables that »belong together«. You can then implant those test cases wherever they are needed, at any time.

Backup Structures
Icebox backups not only contain data of your tables, but also structural information from the point in time where the backup was created. In a restore process, Icebox generates and restores the original DDL of all backed up objects. It can also generate the DDL for a chosen subset of objects. IB restores the DDL and the data, or only the DDL depending on your needs.