Set up a refresh process for thousands DB2 tables quickly and easily

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You’ve been tasked with setting up a refresh process for several thousand DB2 tables. How long does it take to create all the required jobs? How long for all the control cards? Do you need to create the target tables first? Oh, and you must use different schemas and storage groups, that’ll make things more complicated. What about those tables where the testers have added and changed columns? And those identity columns and sequences are always trouble. Better double check if the tables have grown or if DB2 has added more VSAMs so that you don’t run out of space halfway through like last time. Don’t forget catalog statistics and RTS. And now there’s also XML data, what’s the best way to copy that? Did we mention that the target DB2 is on a different Sysplex?

All this is handled automatically by BCV5. You only need to specify your source and target DB2 and which tablespaces to copy. You get a job chain consisting of 6 jobs, no matter how many tablespaces and indexes are involved in the process. BCV5 takes care of everything – structures, data, space allocation, identity columns, XML, renaming, recalling HSM data sets, copying over TCP/IP, and much more. It comes with two interfaces, ISPF and graphical, and allows you to set up large and complex processes in mere minutes.

Join our webinar on Thursday, May 25, at 2.00 pm CEST and find out why customers love BCV5 not only for the raw copy speed, but also for the ease of use.


Webinar: Set up a refresh process for thousands DB2 z/OS tables quickly and easily
Product: BCV5
Date & Time: Thursday, May 25, at 2.00 pm CEST