P-Tracker for System Programming and Contracts Department

New Webinar on Tuesday 28th April at 2 pm CET

Mainframe installations are often historically grown over decades and are home to a large pool of licensed and in-house developed products. It’s important to keep track of: what’s on which LPAR and is it actually used? Are licence fees or maintenance costs caused by little or unused products? What if the next audit brings something unpleasant to light?

Reliable reports on inventory and usage data is required… P-Tracker provides exactly this.

P-Tracker finds all the installed products and records the usage data. Where are the products installed, what version, how often they are used, and what is the trend? This information is beneficial for the licence or contracts administration department. The precise overview of the installed products and their use and even better, their non-use, helps to keep track of costs. We have provided a few examples of the reports on our Website for you.

However P-Tracker is also useful in other ways. It frequently shows up in the implementation of P-Tracker that the real beneficiaries are the colleagues from the system programming. Now it can be determined what is installed, where and whether it is still being used, this allows finally to be able to clean up contaminated sites. The application development will also be grateful. Now they can easily discover which modules are called and how often. P-Tracker reports provide this and much more. We will happily put you in contact with our references from various application areas, who will share their experiences of the amazing benefits.

We are pleased to invite you and your colleagues to our next webinar on Tuesday 28th April at 2 pm CET in which we would like to introduce P-Tracker live.