P-Tracker for System Programming and Contracts Department

New Webinar on Tuesday, May 12, 2.00 pm EDT

Mainframe installations are often historically grown over decades and are home to a large pool of licensed and in-house developed products. Are you paying license fees or maintenance costs for little used or unused products? Is it important for license compliance to keep track of the LPARs where the software is actually used? What if the next audit brings something unpleasant to light? Ongoing and reliable reports on software inventory and usage data are required… P-Tracker provides exactly this function.

P-Tracker finds all the installed products and records the usage data such as all libraries where products/ modules are installed, what version, how often they are used, and trends. This information is beneficial for the Systems, Applications and License / contract administration departments. The precise overview of the installed products and their use and even better, their non-use, helps to manage mainframe costs. We have provided a few examples of the reports on our Website for you.

Customer implementations of P-Tracker have found beneficiaries in several areas:

  •  Systems Programming professionals are many times the key beneficiaries. They can easily determine what is installed, the libraries, jobs and even whether software is still being used. Software use and compliance capabilities help Systems pros spot potential issues and ensure proper software use.
  • Application Development staff will also be grateful. Now they can easily discover which modules are called, detailed call sequences, module location, and how often called. Additionally, this capability aides staff in company mergers and divestitures by identifying all modules that JCL scans or other methods cannot detect.
  • Contract Administration and Software Asset Managers will appreciate the reporting and compliance capabilities that are not typically available with usual efforts. This helps them to easily audit, manage, and negotiate software charges. Further, insight for license compliance that discovers all program use company wide to avoid usage and billing suprises.

P-Tracker reports provide this and much more. We will happily put you in contact with our references from various application areas, who will share their experiences of the amazing benefits.

Our next webinar is on Tuesday, May 12 at 2.00 pm EDT where we would like to introduce P-Tracker live. Please invite fellow Systems Programmers, Applications Development, and Asset Management staff to attend and learn about P-Tracker uses and benefits.