Fast, Consistent Copies of
DB2 for z/OS Data
in 24×7 Environments

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The Problem:
More and more DB2 shops strive for 24×7 availability. Batch windows that can be used to perform offline maintenance are becoming scarce. QA and Programmer staff have to wait, projects may suffer due to lack of current production-like test data. In these environments, providing consistent test data for QA and other environments can become a daunting task, especially if the data is spread across a lot of tables and contains foreign keys, or has LOB or XML objects.

Traditionally, in these environments, image copies would be unloaded in order to avoid an impact on the availability of the source objects. However, an image copy may be inconsistent in itself if it was created as an online image copy, and image copies from multiple different objects are usually not created at the exact same point in time, but several seconds or minutes apart. Using data from these image copies does not guarantee consistency. In addition to the process of unloading the image copies and loading the data into the target, which is already quite slow, it is usually required to run time consuming checks on the target tables in order to achieve consistency.

The Solution:
BCV6, which is an add-on to our well know BCV5 product, allows you to make fast, consistent copies of your DB2 tablespaces and indexes while they remain available for users, applications and batch jobs. Delays in provisioning data become a thing of the past. The significant speed advantage is due to the data being copied on file system level with our BCV6 technology. All target objects are then made consistent to the exact same point in time. Only data from those transactions that were completed at the point of consistency will appear in the target. And since BCV6 processes not only tablespaces, but also indexes, LOBs, and XML objects, it provides unmatched flexibility for your test data provisioning processes.

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Title: Fast, Consistent Copies of DB2 Data for 24×7 Environments
Date: Thursday, October 16th, 2014
Time: 2:00 pm EDT / 11:00 am PDT


Learn how BCV6’s copy speed and automation frees you from batch window constraints and enables rapid copies on demand. See why companies like AAA,Volkswagen, Commerzbank and others chose the BCV5/BCV6 solution to improve data delivery times and streamline their DB2 copy and migrate processes. We are looking forward to seeing you on Thursday!