Deriving Benefits
from Software Asset Management (1/3)

This series of 3 webcasts is based on client expectations and experiences in
z/OS Software Asset Management over the last 25 years. The topics cover:

  • Webinar 1: Deriving Benefits from SAM – REGISTER NOW
    When: March 28, 2.00 pm EDT 
  • Webinar 2: Enhancing identification process of in-house and external applications
    When: April 11, 2.00 pm EDT
  • Webinar 3: Building a business case for SAM
    When: April 25, 2.00 pm EDT

SAM processes, as always, have offered the valuable and versatile information in putting you on good footing for IBM and ISV renewals. It prepares one for an audit to know in advance whether one is “compliant or not?”, whether software is “used or not?… by whom, where and how often?”. SAM is a prerequisite for reducing costs for license negotiations with vendors, for scrubbing of duplicate or defunct software, and identifying exactly what needs carrying over in replacement/migration/outsourcing of mainframe applications. And much more.

Among some of the areas in the deriving benefits webinar we will look at some typical projects where SAM helps preserve controls and reduces costs; reconciling contractual information; classifying products by usage level and usage trends; bringing control and savings across IT enterprise from low-lying fruit to long-term aims.

The tool at our disposal is UBS Hainer’s software asset management solution P-Tracker.
P-Tracker automatically provides the knowledge base for reliable software management. It records the software usage with nearly no overhead and automatically identifies the installed software. P-Tracker not only identifies the usage of any vendor software, it also supports cleaning-up operations and disposal of “dead wood”.

Join us for the first in our series of SAM webinars “Deriving Benefits from Software Asset Management” on Tuesday March 28, 2017 at 11.00 am PDT / 2.00 pm EDT: