Automate the Process of
Copying DB2 Data

Copying DB2 data is something that every DBA must do in order to create test environments, provide data for QA, UAT, or other purposes. However, regularly copying large amounts of DB2 data can be a cumbersome process if you are only using the tools that come with DB2.

Unload/Load or similar ISV tools are reasonably flexible, however, they are also quite slow. Unload/Load type processes need a lot of temporary space to store the unloaded data, and will use tons of CPU because they operate row by row and always rebuild all your target indexes. Big copy processes can easily take an entire day or even more. If your tables include LOBs, things get even slower and more complicated as you try to unload the LOB data into libraries or spanned data sets.

Furthermore, they do not handle DDL. If you want to create a completely new target environment, copying the data is only half the battle. You also have to create all the required tablespaces, tables, indexes, and also views, triggers, authorizations and everything else that belongs to the environment.

There is a better, faster, less tedious and less error-prone way. Please join us for our free webinar “Automate the Process of Copying DB2 Data” on Wednesday, September 10, at 2:00 PM EDT where we will introduce BCV5


Some of the unique features of BCV5 include:

  • Comes with an easy to use ISPF interface and a graphical interface
  • Handles structures and data
  • Checks the compatibility of all involved objects
  • Allows you to rename your objects
  • Makes fast copies of tablespaces and indexes on file system level
  • Pre-allocates all target data sets with the required size
  • Parallelization of the workload
  • Takes care of identity columns and sequences
  • Handles LOBs and XML
  • Can also copy from image copies
  • Copy process can be easily integrated job scheduler

Plus, BCV5 typically saves 90% of the elapsed time and 90% of the CPU time when you compare it to Unload/Load based methods and it is 50% faster than DSN1COPY. Since BCV5 is so easy to use, it also saves 90% of the work that you have to do when you set up and execute copy processes. This means less DBA effort, better availability to end-users, and improved testing and project timelines.

Examples of Saving with BCV5

BCV5 Chart_490

Title: Automate the Process of Copying DB2 Data
Date: Wednesday, September 10th
Time: 2.00 pm EDT / 11.00 am PDT


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