Efficient Software Asset Management for z/OS

Inventory of z/OS software and proof of use
An ongoing inventory of the software installed, combined with monitoring of usage, answers the usual purchasing questions:

  • Which products are installed, which version and which release?
  • On which LPARs are the applications used?
  • Who uses the products and how often (USERIDs , jobs)?
  • What is the trend?

In the past it was costly to collect the relevant data, to analyze it and to present the results of the findings. With P-Tracker, program usage is automatically recognized and recorded. Reports on product usage with vendor and release information as spreadsheet input can be easily provided to purchasing departments and management. P-Tracker’s benefits to software management are undeniable.
Additionally, the permanent inventory also assists application development and maintenance. There are always questions like, “Which modules are actually used, or, are no longer in use?” System programmers and auditors may ask, “Who is using these APF-authorized libs, or, who or what benefits from these linklist entries?” P-Tracker provides the answers to these questions, and more.

On Thursday, July 24th, 2.00 pm CET we will be holding a 1 hour webinar on the topic “Efficient Software Asset Management for z/OS”. We cordially invite you and your colleagues to take part.

P-Tracker’s data collection is very efficient and overhead is practically negligible. Learn about how P-Tracker supports software procurement, application development, system programming, auditing and asset accounting. The basis of any effective cost control in the software industry is the ability to monitor the use, and especially the frequency of use, of the licensed software. This task becomes routine with P- Tracker. Get a glimpse of how efficient P- Tracker can improve your software asset management by signing up now for our webinar.

Title: Efficient Software Asset Management for z/OS
Date: Thursday, July 24th 2014
Time: 2.00 pm CET