So what’s the best way to copy DB2 z/OS test data?

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Every DB2 z/OS copy tool has its own set of problems it seems.

Using Unload/Load for data migrations is slow; the process can take days.

A hardware assisted copy tool, such as FlashCopy, is much faster, but it cannot really copy DB2 objects because they contain references to internal IDs that are inside the DB2 catalog.

And then there is DSN1COPY, which copies DB2 objects on file system level, but has no built-in automation. Plus, it only copies VSAM data sets and does not create new tables in the target or check the compatibility of existing target tables.

There is a better way to solve all your DB2 z/OS copying problems with one tool. BCV5.

  • BCV5 quickly and efficiently copies, refreshes and replicates DB2 objects.
  • Copies DB2 databases and tables within the same DB2 system, or to different ones.
  • Reduces copy time by over 90% and saves over 90% CPU usage compared to unload/load.

To learn more about how BCV5 makes DB2 z/OS data migrations fast and efficient join our live webinar on Tuesday, February 21, at 2 pm EST.


Title: So what’s the best way to copy DB2 z/OS data?
Date: Tuesday, February 21, 2017
Time: 2 pm Eastern Standard Time
Where: GoToMeeting

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