Live-Demo: Freeze and Restore Oracle, DB2 or MSSQL Test Data Quickly and Automatically

Einfaches CMYKDevelopment projects require interdepartmental coordination and above all a variety of tests to reach a successful conclusion. A tool for managing software versions is usually already in place, but how can the different test data sets be quickly backed up and restored for testing purposes?

A tool which could simplify these processes would certainly be helpful. Whether it is for individual developers or a larger development team: Everyone should be able to simply freeze and restore their specific test data to a new or the original test environment, regardless of the prospective test environment and the intervention of other departments.

During the free Webinar on Thursday April 2nd at 2.00 pm EDT we will show you how XDM masters these tasks.

  • XDM ICEBOX examples of use
  • Definition of copy jobs for Oracle, DB2 and MS/SQL
  • Freezing test data for future use
  • Restoring frozen test data instantly and automatically