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XDM automates Test Data Management.

XDM is a comprehensive test data management product that improves the speed and quality of software development and testing operations.  It is designed to manage agile test data across multiple platforms consistently.

By deploying XDM to automate test data management, you can improve quality, increase productivity, and deliver quicker ROI to your business. It handles all the challenges typically associated with test data provisioning, such as managing structural differences, masking sensitive personal information, and choosing the most efficient method of copying and moving test data. It frees up your staff from tedious and lengthy provision and preparation of test case data.

XDM complements Agile Development with Agile Test Data Supply and supports Continuous Integration.

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Test case data for developers / XDM Test Data Shop

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Let your developers and testers select the test data they need.

XDM enables developers and testers to order test case data simply by choosing a number of business objects, such as contracts, policies, customers, or similar objects.

XDM will automatically follow all relations to other tables based on application logic to bring along all of the selected objects relations (with their rows in all or some related tables).

Modelers organize and maintain the inventory of the data shop via XDM functions. They know the business, the IT infrastructure, data security standards, PII regulations, etc. One modeler can maintain one or more subject areas (domains) of the data shop. The preliminary work of just a
few modelers will benefit many developers. Developers and testers go to their specific browserbased test data interface and request their test case data. They don‘t worry about infrastructure, credentials, data transfer techniques, table names, relations, etc. They just pick data from the offerings of their test data shop and specify how this data should be integrated into their test bed.

This means that everyone does what he or she does best; developers code and focus on the current sprint; testers test; modelers provide the appropriate data acquisition processes listed in the shop. Developers do not waste time finding, transporting, and integrating test data, they just pick test data from the shop and drive the development forward.

Main Functions

XDM automates and simplifies collection, deployment and recovery of test case data based on business cases or business objects. The ideal tool for developers and functional testing.

Anonymizing sensitive data

XDM has an intelligent search mechanism for data worth protecting, which supports those responsible for anonymization projects. The columns found serve as the basis for reliable anonymization.

An important feature of XDM is its ability to mask and sensitive private information as is required by many industry and governmental regulations and privacy laws (such as GDPR, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, and others). When moving a copy of production data into a development or test environment, that data is no longer protected by the controls that are in place in the production environment.

Therefore, sensitive data such as names, addresses, credit card details, medical records, and so on, must be altered to avoid exposing it to programmers and testers. Protecting sensitive data can be accomplished using the in-depth data masking and de-identification capabilities of XDM.

There are many built-in masking methods provided by XDM, including mapping values using lookup tables, shuffling existing values, and masking values using hashing. You can choose from dozens of pre-installed masking algorithms that ship with XDM or simply plug in your own. You can use XDM’s PII Finder to automatically detect columns containing personally identifiable information (PII) and then you can specify the masking rules for the columns found; XDM will apply the masking. XDM allows you to mask sensitive and confidential corporate information during data transport, as well as in-place.

Freeze and recover Test Data

It is common practice to save test data before a test run is executed. XDM allows to save all or some data objects of a test system quasi at the push of a button (DDL and data).

When running tests repeatedly, such as to debug and test a program, and the program modifies data, you need a fast and reliable way to reset test data to a previous state.

XDM Icebox allows you to ’freeze’ current data of a test system – entire tables or just business objects. This means it takes just a single command to export both data and structure, and then restore everything after testing. You can retrieve frozen data and insert it into any system to prepare and activate further test systems. This way you give developer groups their separate test data with a keystroke.

In fact, with Icebox you easily create test data versioning: Developers who maintain different releases or versions of an application can easily switch between test data versions with a click.

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