BCV5 / Fast and Efficient Db2 Data Migrations

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BCV5 copies, refreshes and replicates Db2 objects quickly and efficiently

BCV5 copies Db2 tablespaces and indexes between different Db2 subsystems, or within the same subsystem. It comes with a built-in copy tool that works directly on VSAM level and is much faster than UNLOAD/LOAD.

When measured against conventional copying methods, BCV5 saves approximately 90% on elapsed copy time as well as resource consumption. One customer even cut their copy process time down from ten hours to 45 minutes by switching from UNLOAD/LOAD to BCV5.

Automation Reduces Manual Effort

BCV5 is completely automated. The integrated ISPF interface allows you to define copy processes easily by specifying name patterns for the objects to be copied, and the appropriate processing options. Its powerful rule based renaming feature makes adhering to naming conventions in the target Db2 system simple and error free. A BCV5 copy process can be executed either manually, or under the control of a job scheduler. Once the copy process is started there is nothing else to do.
BCV5 automatically generates the DDL for the selected objects using the specified target names. It checks existing target objects for compatibility. If any target objects are missing, it can create them for you. For each object in the process, BCV5 determines the fastest way to make a copy – usually a direct VSAM level copy.
If existing target objects have structural differences, BCV5 can either drop and recreate them, or it can trigger UNLOAD/LOAD as a fallback copy tool, allowing it to copy the data despite the differences. One way or another, BCV5 makes it all work, and minimizes unwanted surprises.

BCV5 Components

Masking Tool

Stay compliant and protect sensitive data. MT masks personally identifiable information (PII) during the copy process. It can also mask data that is currently in a table without making a copy.
MT comes with ready-to-use predefined functions that allow you to mask names, addresses, SSNs, and many other types of data. You can also customize or add your own functions to meet your specific data masking needs.
  • Automates Db2 Copying/Migrating/Refreshing


  • Saves 90% CPU resources and run time


  • Dramatically reduces labor costs freeing up staff
  • Integrates into IT environments seamlessly


  • Eliminates RUNSTATS, Rebuild Index, etc.


  • Copies directly, no need for temporary DASD space

The advantage of integrated parallel processing

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