Test Data Management

Fast, efficient programming, reliable software, shorter development cycles are common demands on IT. This, but also agile development methods, require a change in thinking.

Your team focuses on software. We deliver high-quality services.
Cost reduction, performance enhancement, processing time reduction, data provision and expert system automation to free up experienced technical staff.


Agile test data platform
for agile teamwork

Find that data
that fits your needs

Order your
test case data

Understand your
test case data

Manage the data of
different environments


Fast and Efficient Db2
Data Migrations

Reduces copy time by over 90% compared to Unload/Load

Saves over 90% CPU usage compared to Unload/Load

Reduces manual workload compared to Unload/Load

Db2 z/OS

Tuning & Availability

SQLQC analyzes current Db2 workload and offers suggestions for improvement

Db2 z/OS

Log Analysis

ULT4DB2 simplifies most tasks associated with the Db2 Log


Software Asset Management

P-Tracker is a high performance tracking tool

We are trusted by large and small companies worldwide:

Masking tool

Stay compliant and
protect sensitive data.

The Masking Tool enables the implementation of anonymization by providing ready-to-use masking algorithms. These functions can generate artificial but seemingly real data such as names, addresses, credit card or social security numbers. The generated data is plausible, i.e. credit card numbers are valid and addresses have matching street names, zip codes, cities and countries.

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