TDM Solution – Make or Buy?

The TOP5 ARGUMENTS why developing your own test data management solution is no longer profitable today. TDM has become a complex issue. For this reason, there are experts today who offer mature TDM solutions to the market

Agile Test Data Agile Testers

Agile Test Data Management for Agile Testers

Agile Test Data for Agile Testers

The two main pillars that support agile testing are Automatic Testing, used in deployment pipelines, and Manual Testing, used in exploratory testing. These two areas have one thing in common, both require test data. With automatic unit testing, the test data is already included in the test code. However, integration tests – both manual and automatic, exploratory tests, or acceptance tests need to be supplied with test data in advance. Anytime you build a realistic mockup for the unit test in an enterprise environment, complex and correctly related data is required. Also, the tester needs a starting point for the integration and exploratory tests. To avoid having to build the data from scratch, both types need an automatic process to create a test foundation. Enterprise applications store their data in multiple databases on different platforms. They model complex processes which consist of numerous states with many constraints on the related data. To enable agile teams to get the perfect test data that aligns with their current product goals, well planned approaches are crucial. Therefore, a flexible test data pipeline, that can deliver the desired test data fast, is needed. This talk will summarize the key requirements of a test data delivery pipeline, show common problems and how to overcome them, and demonstrate how to build a test data delivery pipeline that’s easy to use for testers, developers, application users and anyone else involved in testing.

IDUG 2023 North America

Join UBS Hainer in Philadelphia for IDUG 2023 North America IDUG 2023 North America will officially open on Tuesday, May 16 and conclude on Friday, May 19. In addition, IDUG […]

Craig Mullins Webinar

Anybody who has ever been involved in software development knows that creating applications requires test data. Without the data to test your programs against, there is no way to ensure […]

Test data procurement – Three basic options

In the process of software development, tests need to be performed repeatedly. Depending on the stage of development, various test data, from individual test case data to bulk data, is required. There are three basic options for obtaining this test data: The manual creation of test data, the creation of synthetic test data and the conversion of productive data into test data

What LVM Insurance says about XDM

Testdaten benötigt eigentlich jeder – auch Unternehmen, die Software nicht selbst entwickeln, sondern lediglich einsetzen. Diese Testdaten aus produktiven Daten durch Pseudonymisierung zu gewinnen, ist im Host-Umfeld zwar herausfordernd, aber […]

Bulk data for system and release tests

Best-Practice: Test data procurement in the context of continuous software development (PART 3/3). Before the new or modified applications go live, system, release, load or performance tests are applied. For this purpose, no fine-grained customized test case data is needed, but production-related data in larger quantities is required. These tests are

Customized test case data for functional, component and regression testing

Best-Practice: Test data procurement in the context of continuous software development (PART 2/3). The further development of an application usually means that different features or even bug fixes need to be implemented. Ideally, each feature gets its own environment. This environment contains only the relevant data for that particular case.