Improving Efficiency through Test Data Management – A Management Perspective

Company management must comply with mandatory regulations, such as GDPR and others. Our customers look at such externally mandated projects as a chance to enhance efficiency in software development. Thus, legal standards and heightened productivity can be seamlessly integrated into a single project.


Typical optimizations possible in a test data management project include:


  • High-performance test systems can detect hundreds or even thousands of bugs early in the software development project. Detecting errors in the test environments rather than in the acceptance environments can result in significant cost savings, such as the working time of developers and testers. Several hundred man-days of savings per year is a realistic expectation.


  • Efficient test data management can significantly reduce the effort required for designing test cases. Automation is implemented wherever feasible, replacing manual and individual procurement processes. Furthermore, efficient test data management is essential for conceptualizing certain test cases that may otherwise be challenging to formulate.


  • Early testability does not permanently shift the responsibility for error detection solely to the final acceptance stage or to the specialist department. Adopting this approach adheres to a shift-left methodology, resulting in a reduced workload for both specialist and development departments.


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