Software Asset Management

From Complex to Simple at a Lower Cost

Finding z/OS software assets and their usage is usually a labor intensive quest that does not always yield optimum results. The SMP/E information is incomplete and frequently proves to be less than useful. Load modules barely offer a starting point for identifying software products, and the SCRT data only applies for some IBM products. Sifting through the SMF records will not necessarily yield full details of program executions. Using SMF data requires good technical skills and time consuming analysis. The current first generations asset management tools are complex to use and expensive.

The best solutions are those that resolve complex issues with simplicity. P-Tracker excels at providing the right solution in a straight forward manner. It records program calls, builds a site specific software catalog, documents usage and produces compliance reports. It eliminates a large mandatory Db2 database, lengthy loads, runstats processes and a license cost that exceeds the software savings provided.

P-Tracker is the perfect reporter specifying who or what executed a software detailing the where, when and how.

P-Tracker maintains a comprehensive up to date software inventory for the z/OS systems it monitors. Vendor names, product names, release numbers, module names and libraries.

P-Tracker documents the life of the available software assets. It provides a variety of usage and compliance reports that reveal who or what executed a given software, and details where it was executed, what it did and when the process took place. Shelfware can be efficiently identified and eliminated.