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Streamline z/OS application updating and processing with Mail2ZOS/FTPSweeper

Simplify the updating of z/OS application data and ‘on demand’ processing via email messages and/or attachments. Eliminate open FTP ports, simplify TSO account management, and reduce calls to operations to ‘run a job’.

Mail ²zOS provides any z/OS system with the ability to receive email messages with their attached data files directly onto the mainframe, store the data into host files, submit jobs to process the data, and finally to send email notices to keep appropriate people informed of the operations.

How to empower users with no mainframe skills to move data to the mainframe, initiate the processing of that data, and obtain the results easily and without the
necessity of imposing on the mainframe operations staff. Typical methods of transferring this data require knowledge of tools such as FTP or even IND$FILE.
Such tools are completely foreign to most users and still don’t complete the task because once the data has been moved to the mainframe a call must be
placed to the operations department to have a job submitted or scheduled for later processing.
How to initiate the entire processing cycle, including data transfer, updating of JCL parameters, the submission of jobs and the sending of completion notices to all concerned parties, all from outside the mainframe while reducing human resource utilization and operational costs.

The most convenient method of moving data is email. It is a tool already familiar to everyone and universally available. It is an easily understood process for
anyone to grasp if they are asked to use email to send data to the mainframe. Training requirements are almost non-existent and consist almost entirely of giving users an email address to send their requests to and a message subject to use. The users create their email, attach any required data files, click on the “send” button and wait for the results. Mail ²zOS is the key to transforming the old, expensive, and time-consuming methods of handling user requests to a new, streamlined, hands-off method. Whether acting as an SMTP server or as a POP3 client, Mail ²zOS securely processes user email requests, places their data into files, and submits jobs to process that data. Notices are sent back to the user to inform them that their data is being processed. It doesn’t get any easier.

Mail ²zOS will:
• Parse e-mail, separating the message body from attachments.
• Decode attachments and allow specific processing of each.
• Handle binary attachments as pure binary data streams, or blobs.
• Populate fixed length records, or support RDW for variable length record formats.
• Translate ASCII to EBCDIC automatically.
• Store text content to fixed or variable length files.
• Extract comma (or tab) delimited files into fixed format mainframe records.
• Create unique filenames for stored MVS files.
• Perform symbolic variable substitution, including dynamically modifying JCL.
• Use included scripting language to parse message contents and to compose JCL and status notices.
• Write files to JES as a SYSOUT.
• Compose and wrap JCL around a data file and submit it for execution.
• Send e-mail notices of messages processed and actions performed.
• Support primary and backup post offices for sending notices.