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The standard for repairing z/OS Systems

SAE IPLs in 7 seconds and allows access to MVS volumes and datasets without having an z/OS active. Full range of ISPF like features, Fast DASD Erase to delete a farm in less than 30 minutes and Dataset Utilities to ensure critical datasets are always immediately accessible including restore of datasets from DFDSS & FDR volume backups. The IMAGE FOCUS feature validates, reports on and corrects all system definitions before an IPL (essential in a sysplex)

Stand Alone Environment (SAE) SAE has become the industry standard for the repair and recovery of large IBM systems – z/OS, OS/390 and MVS. Its Stand Alone mode of operation is absolutely critical during a disaster. It provides its own operating system environment and operates independent of release level. SAE Workflow SAE 14 components include: Fast DASD Erase, which allows users to erase mission-critical and/or personal or health data at the end of a disaster recovery (DR) test . Action Services, which provides complete access to all DASD devices and datasets to allow users to make system repairs. Its tool set includes edit, zap, browse, rename, save, delete, undelete and catalog list/alter. Stand Alone Restore, which is the fastest way to restore a single dataset originally created using IEBCOPY, IEBGENER, DFSMSdss or FDR. Image Services, which aids users in the repair of System Images by automatically isolating the components that comprise a specific Image. Hardware Confirmation, which allows users to verify hardware installations without IPLing the system. It collects sense data at the master console and lets you know if your new hardware has been configured correctly.