Three typical situations for implementing the TDM solution XDM

In this video blog interview, Christoph Stock, Manager of Product Development at UBS Hainer, describes three typical starting points for introducing test data automation. In the interview he refers to the TDM software XDM. The spectrum ranges from (1) replacing an existing solution as part of a system change, to (2) the need to automatically supply a test environment with high-quality test data, to (3) a completely new deployment of test data management …

Each of these starting points is covered in the following three videos (German with English subtitles). Based on your individual TDM needs, which category would your company most likely fall into? 


Starting point 1: Existing TDM solution before a system change (Duration: 2:36)


Starting point 2: Test environment without direct connection to the data source (Duration: 3:08)


Starting point 3: TDM deployment with no test environment in place (Duration: 1:51)


Perhaps you have questions about the content of the videos or would like to discuss XDM options in the context of your TDM requirements. Please feel free to contact us.


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