IMAGE Control Environment

It is common for OS/390 installations to maintain several Systems and Images across shared DASD. Their creation, testing and maintenance is complex as it is likely that members with identical member names exist on different physical or logical volumes. Since these members each defines the content of a specific system images knowing which members relate to which System Image is critical in Image Management.  IMAGE Focus is a unique System Management Application that systematically identifies, locates and inspects the hundreds of critical inspection points in an OS/390 System Image.

Inspection Results detail each step of the Inspection with related finding. These steps and findings are made available as real time Reports which can be printed and used as System Documentation. Optionally, Inspection Results may be condensed into “Errors Only”, Exception Reports to be used for trouble shooting and analysis.  Inspections are performed within Focus Application Sub-Systems. This unique method of system operation insures that production system images remain operational and that inspections are conducted as needed and if necessary, under the worst of system conditions.

Image FOCUS 9.0 Core Inspector

  • Operating System Inspector
  • Dynamic Element Inspector
  • System Component Inspector
  • z/OS Change Detection
  • New Release Analysis

Subsystem Inspectors

  • JES2 Inspector
  • JES3 Inspector
  • CICS Inspector (SIT)
  • NET Inspectors (VTAM, TCP/IP)
  • OMPRoute Inspector

Supplemental Inspectors

  • Members (Inspects Datasets)
  • Modules (Inspects Load Modules)
  • CSD (Inspects CSD Datasets)


  • IODF Explorer (Hardware)
  • UACC Explorer (RACF)
  • DFHz Explorer (CICS)

Fast DASD Erase for z/OS
Fast DASD Erase for z/OS is an operating system version of the proven Fast DASD Erase application found in Stand Alone Environment (SAE). It can be used while z/OS is up and allows the user to erase data that is no longer needed and potentially could be a security risk.

IPLCheck is a standalone system software product designed to help users of z/OS manage and protect the integrity and security of their operating system environmnet and critical business applications.  Once started, IPLCheck works with and under the control of the IBM Health Checker for z/OS. On demand or at controlled intervals, IPLCheck performs a detailed inspection of an LPAR’s IPL status, reporting discovered weaknesses and/or structural risk in IPL components or pathing to the Health Checker.

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