The Control Editor

The Control Editor 7.0
The Control Editor extends the security of the installed ESM by providing users with a TSO/ISPF environment to control and manage access and changes to critical datasets.

The Control Editor enhancements include a new configuration option that supports the creation of zFS/HFS formatted Control Journal Datasets. These new Journal types extend the storage capacity of each Journal from a maximum of 116 to over 16,000 Backup or change Events.

Other enhancements include a new configuation option that supports the real-time notification of events via email. Event, Recipient and Notification Content are configured using a newly introduced NSEENSxx Configuration Member. This is significant in that users can now be made aware of all changes immediately.

Changes captured and journaled in TCE 7.0 include system changes using the MVS Operator commands, SUBMITs, ACTIVATEs, and changes to security policies in RACF, ACF2 and Top Secret. Go to Partner »