Test Data Finder

XDM Gain deeper insights about your data with the Test Data Finder XDM product page Unlock businessintelligence for yourtest data With the Test Data Finder, you can experience the power […]

on Kubernetes

XDM product page XDM on Kubernetes XDM’s tech stack is built on the synergy of various services. The enterprise architecture of XDM comprises a web service, a backend service, reporting […]

Supported Systems

XDM product page XDM is a comprehensive test data platform supporting various database systems. It streamlines processes for Oracle, Db2, VSAM, PostgreSQL, and SQL Server databases, facilitating identification, extraction and […]


Fully automated test data provisioning plans. Test data shop for flexible fitting agile test case data.


  A CRUCIAL SECURITY LAYER Cryptography decisions are not easy. Legal requirements often call for sensitive information to be appropriately protected, but what about unsecured data that could still be […]

Easy RACF Query

Designed and developed for RACF Administrators by RACF Administrators with over 25 years of continuous hands-on experience – ERQ includes all of the online functions necessary to automate the entire […]


  zHISR generates a “hot spot analysis” of customer, vendor or operating system program execution. You can start and stop hardware event data collections and view the status of an […]

The Control Editor

  The Control Editor The Control Editor extends the security of the installed ESM by providing users with a TSO/ISPF environment to control and manage access and changes to critical […]

Stand Alone Environment

Stand Alone Environment (SAE) SAE has become the industry standard for the repair and recovery of large IBM systems – z/OS, OS/390 and MVS. Its Stand Alone mode of operation […]


JES2RSS, or JES2FTP with RSS, provides a widely supported mechanism to publish report contents and enables notification of the new items through RSS clients. A Web Feed file is an […]