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Fully automated test data provisioning plans. Test data shop for flexible fitting agile test case data.


A CRUCIAL SECURITY LAYER Cryptography decisions are not easy. Legal requirements often call for sensitive information to be appropriately protected, but what about unsecured data that could still be deemed […]

Easy RACF Query

Designed and developed for RACF Administrators by RACF Administrators with over 25 years of continuous hands-on experience – ERQ includes all of the online functions necessary to automate the entire […]


zHISR generates a “hot spot analysis” of customer, vendor or operating system program execution. You can start and stop hardware event data collections and view the status of an HIS […]

The Control Editor

The Control Editor The Control Editor extends the security of the installed ESM by providing users with a TSO/ISPF environment to control and manage access and changes to critical datasets. […]

Stand Alone Environment

Stand Alone Environment (SAE) SAE has become the industry standard for the repair and recovery of large IBM systems – z/OS, OS/390 and MVS. Its Stand Alone mode of operation […]


JES2RSS, or JES2FTP with RSS, provides a widely supported mechanism to publish report contents and enables notification of the new items through RSS clients. A Web Feed file is an […]


Web-enabling CICS applications to deliver critical business information to employees, customers, and partners is a critical element of today’s ‘on demand’ business environment. While most transactional content is presented via […]


The production of paper reports from computers has been commonplace for many decades. Over the years, many programs have been written to create reports on printed mediums. This is especially […]

IMAGE Control Environment

  The Workbench View You start your ICE/IFO session by logging on to the Integrity Control Environment (ICE). In this, the Workbench View,  you will discover or define one or […]