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The Softdate DTS Protection Suite

The Softdate Suite of Time Travel Software is available for IBM mainframe z/OS, all variations of Linux/Unix, and all variations of Microsoft Windows (Windows 2003 and later).

Softdate allows you to quickly and easily test your target applications with any simulated past or future date and time, while leaving other work on the same systems totally unaffected. Individual users or groups of users can be concurrently running with any number of different “virtual system clocks”.

And with the exclusive Softdate Enterprise Time Synchronization (SETS) feature you can automatically synchronize virtual clock settings across any combination of platforms running Softdate, facilitating seamless time travel testing of your multi-platform apps. Softdate supports every combination of time travel beyond 2038 with Linux/Unix/Windows and beyond 2042 with IBM z/OS.

Softdate is a z/OS date simulation product that lets you execute applications in production under different times zones, or test your application code under any simulated system date or time. This lets you test and verify application behavior around dates and times that are significant to your application logic, such as end of month.

Softdate supports all current versions of z/OS, CICS, IMS, DB2 (including Stored Procedures), WebSphere Application Server (WAS), USS/OMVS, Cobol, PL/I, C/C++, Java and Assembler. Softdate support for Java, WAS and USS is a key SOA enabler. Unlike other products, Softdate does not require the creation of modified versions of key Language Environment and DB2 system modules – completely avoiding the associated maintenance, operational and performance headaches. Softdate unique dynamic intercept technology imposes essentially zero performance overhead on jobs that do not require it.

Simulated clocks can be specified via JCL or ISPF-created rules. CICS and IMS users can test with different simulated clocks within the same regions. CICS MRO is fully supported, with automatic propagation of user clocks across all MRO regions. Similarly, with IMS, a clock value set by a user in one region will apply automatically across all regions within the IMS region group. Softdate supports automatic synchronization of rules across a Sysplex (requires customer to write some automated operations software rules).