Test Data Finder brings more flexibility and independence

The UBS Hainer TDM Suite has a new tool: the Test Data Finder. This makes it even easier for testers and developers to quickly and individually compile specific test case data. No knowledge of the internal data structures is required. Regardless of the technical details of the databases, users can now search directly for business-specific terms in the data shop.

Time loss: Waiting for test case data

Developers and testers know the problem: To test a new function in an application, specific test case data is needed. For example, when it comes to enabling an insured person in the Frankfurt am Main area to apply for a special car insurance discount after a three year contract period.

How do these data sets get into the test environment, as close and realistic as possible to the actual production data? This information is in all likelihood distributed over several databases. However, the tester neither knows the relevant tables, nor has the training to write a suitable SQL query to select the desired customer data. 

In this case, the tester is always dependent on others to supply the data. This leads to time delays that companies can no longer afford.

Search for business-specific terms

The development team at UBS Hainer has now created a solution to these challenges with the Test Data Finder. The new search function in the data shop makes it possible to find the required parameters using their business-specific terms. In other words, testers use the terms supplied by the application in question.

Simply enter the required terms in the search mask: Frankfurt area or zip code, car insurance, 3-year term, etc. Based on the criteria  entered, the corresponding data sets are then displayed at the push of a button. Now the Data Shop user can decide which business objects are the best match for a test case and copy them into the test environment.

Agile testing and programming

With the Test Data Finder, the tester or developer can independently and easily compile all the required test case data. This allows  systematic and timely selection of the required test data, thereby enabling agile testing and product development without delays.


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