XDM – An agile tool for agile teams: what does that mean?

The need for continuous deployment also emphasizes the importance of continuous testing. In an interview with Christoph Stock, Product Development Manager at UBS-Hainer, we asked if the implementation of this process can be achieved without test data automation?

Introducing test data automation: How to get all departments on board

An agile tool for automated test data procurement impacts multiple departments within an organization, making it essential to convince all stakeholders of its benefits before implementation. This can prove to be a challenging task. UBS Hainer helps to coordinate and accelerate this process.

The significance of having high-quality test data is on the rise

The role of IT in our daily lives has undergone significant shifts. Two decades ago, IT operations mostly remained in the background. But today consumer habits have changed, with users interacting with more user interfaces, and IT services being utilized directly by end customers. What does that mean for software development?

No CI/CD without a dynamic test environment

A test environment plays a crucial role in software testing. It provides a controlled environment in which tests can be performed to verify the quality and functionality of an application. The following article describes how the increasing CI/CD processes (Continuous Integration / Continuous Development) affect the functions and requirements of a test environment.

TDM Solution – Make or Buy?

The TOP5 ARGUMENTS why developing your own test data management solution is no longer profitable today. TDM has become a complex issue. For this reason, there are experts today who offer mature TDM solutions to the market

Test data procurement – Three basic options

In the process of software development, tests need to be performed repeatedly. Depending on the stage of development, various test data, from individual test case data to bulk data, is required. There are three basic options for obtaining this test data: The manual creation of test data, the creation of synthetic test data and the conversion of productive data into test data

Bulk data for system and release tests

Best-Practice: Test data procurement in the context of continuous software development (PART 3/3). Before the new or modified applications go live, system, release, load or performance tests are applied. For this purpose, no fine-grained customized test case data is needed, but production-related data in larger quantities is required. These tests are

Customized test case data for functional, component and regression testing

Best-Practice: Test data procurement in the context of continuous software development (PART 2/3). The further development of an application usually means that different features or even bug fixes need to be implemented. Ideally, each feature gets its own environment. This environment contains only the relevant data for that particular case.

Pre-Production as the basis for test data procurement

Best-Practice: Test data procurement in the context of continuous software development (PART 1/3) Due to the massive increase in data-driven business models (from data-enhanced to pure data-driven business models), IT, and, […]