XM4DB2 / Exception Master for Db2 Systems

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XMDB2 finds exceptions in Db2 systems

XM4DB2 continuously inspects each mission critical Db2 system. It proactively looks for indicators for current or potential future problems, so called “exceptions”. An exception is an unacceptable situation that Db2 or another z/OS component cannot automatically solve.

XM4DB2 alerts DBA staff and optionally can take action to rectify the situation. Working in the background it continually checks for availability of Db2 objects and the operational readiness of utilities, plans and packages.

  • Delivers smart analysis and recommendations for problem avoidance

  • Reduces operational risks

  • Increased productivity across the business
  • Pro-active surveillance of each DB2 system

  • Reduces manual efforts and keystroke errors through automation

  • Fills the void in System Management tools market and IT Services
  • Reduces denial of access on production databases

  • Ensures non-stop operations