Test Data Masking

Join our webinar Safeguarding Data: A Deep Dive into Test Data Masking on November 29th where we will delve into the world of masking test data and discover the critical […]

The significance of having high-quality test data is on the rise

The role of IT in our daily lives has undergone significant shifts. Two decades ago, IT operations mostly remained in the background. But today consumer habits have changed, with users interacting with more user interfaces, and IT services being utilized directly by end customers. What does that mean for software development?

Test Automation Days 2024

Join UBS Hainer in Rotterdam, The Netherlands for the Test Automation Days Conference which has proven to be the key meeting place for the international test automation community. A two-day […]

No CI/CD without a dynamic test environment

A test environment plays a crucial role in software testing. It provides a controlled environment in which tests can be performed to verify the quality and functionality of an application. The following article describes how the increasing CI/CD processes (Continuous Integration / Continuous Development) affect the functions and requirements of a test environment.